Cycling Exhibitions Ride Into the Gold Museum

Come along for a ride at the Gold Museum!


The Gold Museum is hosting two new exciting exhibitions celebrating the history of cycling in Ballarat and Australia.

On Your Bike! Cycling in Ballarat is a celebration of Ballarat’s love of cycling. It is a journey into the development of Ballarat’s cycling movement from the early velocipede to the 20th century racing bicycle.

The first bicycles in Ballarat were met with a mixture of bemusement, curiosity and criticism from locals. Since then, this two-wheeled vehicle has captured our hearts and become a fixture on Ballarat’s roads and tracks.

The important role of Ballarat’s bicycle manufacturing industry is also highlighted. Ballarat became a hub for bicycle manufacturing from the 1890s as the mining and metal industry declined. Former metal workers and miners moved into bicycle production, making Ballarat one of the strongest bicycle manufacturing centres in Australia.

By 1907, there were 11 companies in Ballarat’s central business district catering to the town’s cycling needs.

On Your Bike! showcases historical bicycles, photographs and bicycle accessories from the Gold Museum’s collection and private collections held by Ballarat’s bicycle collectors.

On Your Bike! is on display until Sunday April 3, 2016.Freewheeling-Exhibitions2-460x220px


Freewheeling is a touring exhibition from the National Museum of Australia which will be shown in Victoria for the first time at the Gold Museum.

The exhibition explores the story of over 140 years of cycling in Australia and shows how bicycles have brought millions of people joy, excitement, freedom, even glory.

The exhibition captures the spirit, the passion surrounding cycling, and the machines that have made this possible.

From the introduction of the first human-powered, wheeled vehicle known as a ‘boneshaker’ in the 1860s, to penny-farthings, ‘safety bicycles’, mountain bikes, tricks bikes and light-weight racing bicycles, people have sought adventure and the pleasure of moving around under their own power.

Freewheeling is on display until Sunday January 31, 2016.

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