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The Gold Museum in Ballarat has a large collection of over 100,000 items that covers Ballarat’s social and cultural history from the 19th century to today. You can view a sample of our collection below or search using keywords in the search box on the left.



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Theatre Programmes: 1863 - 1883 Harry West Collection of Ballarat Theatre; 1863-1883; 05.0483
Photograph Album  -  Soltau P.O.W. Camp  -  Germany; 1917-1918; 84.0712
Pharmaceutical bottles. 141 Items; 70.5552
Box of Cooper Tools; 1850s; 2012.0028
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Stereoscope; 1870s; 78.0938
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Miner's Right; 05 Nov 1891; 05.1202
'Successful Competitors South Street 1909'; 78.0900
The book of the Pantomnie Cinderella; Syd Day Ltd; 1914-1915; 2012.0480
Photographs, Coutts double wedding; Richards & Co.,; 02 Sep 1920; 2016.0386
Photo Album; 01.0316
Collection of The Courier newspapers; The Ballarat Courier; 1950-1980; 82.0309
Booklet, Ballarat Mines and Deep Leads Report No. 94: Map Number 6 Ballarat, Sheets 1 and 2, 1992; P.M Douglas; 1992; 2016.0813
Documents Relating to Establishment of the Gold Museum; Paul Simon; 1856; 82.1040
Collection of Letters; Jessica Simon; 13 Jul 1943; 82.0983
 Oxford Place, Norwich; Hickling & Co.,; 2014.1168
Pink shoes; Georges Ltd.; 1980s; 82.1296
Photographic Montage; 690.81
Books (3), entitled:
A) ''McDougall's Alexandra reader - Secound infant reader''.
B) ''Tanglewood Tales'', Nathaniel Nawthord.
C) ''The Taliasman'', by Sir Walter Scott.
D) ''Primary Recitations''.
E) ''Whitcombe's New Austral Grammars ... Grade IV''.
F) ''Word and sentence building''.
G) ''Exercise in Phonics''.
H) ''Whitcombe's Human Geography Reader, Grade V''.
I) Arithmetical Dictation'', by Alfred Wisdom.; McDougall's Education Co. LTD. London; Circa 1920-1930; 82.0415
Blotters; Crossley Motors; 1906-1969; 82.0865
Photograph, Queen Victoria, by John Jabez Edwin Mayall London, March 1st 1861.; 1861; 2014.1345
2 books: Man Makes His Mark and The Story of Time; Commonwealth Bank; 1977; 82.1418
Postcard; S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd.; 17 Jul 1907; 2011.0429
Booklet, The Ballarat Historian: Journal of the Ballarat Historical Society, 1981-1990; Peter Mansfield; Jun 1981-Jun 1990; 2016.0812
Comedy Theatre Show Programmes, 1940; J Beresford Fowler; 15 Apr 1940; 82.1413
Portrait of Mr & Mrs John McTaggart (Reproduced); 79.1260
Label - Superior Lemon Syrup; F.W. Niven & Co.; 2018.0185
Spring Fashion Parade; Stone's Drapery Store P/L; 28 Oct 1958; 82.0988
Collection of letters and newspaper articles relating to the Gold Museum and Sovereign Hill (12 parts); Jessica Simon; 1968-1980; 82.1072
"14 Golden Days for Victoria" Queen Visit 1954; The Argus; 1954; 2011.0625
Requisition, Duncan Gillies Esq., M.L.A.1861; 1860s; 2010.0538
Photograph of Daniel William Lillingston; 564.81
Japanese Pattern 99 Oerlikon 20mm Aircraft Cannon; Circa 1942; 75.0045
Miner's Right - Helen Stephens 1892; Colony of Victoria; 06 Jun 1891; 2018.0619
Sculpture, 'Terrestial'; Peter Blizzard; 1983; 2018.1360
Photocopies of news articles.; The Ballarat Courier; 1981; 82.0499
Sovereign Hill Stimulus prints, gold digger series; Ballarat Times Sovereign Hill; 1978; 2018.1242
Mother of the bride suit and accessories; Elwyn Kinnane; Circa 1980; 2018.0955
Book, Elegant extracts : Or useful and entertaining pieces of poetry, selected for the improvement of youth, in speaking, reading, thinking, composing; and in the conduct of life; Charles Dilly; 1790-1800; 2018.0831
The Queens funeral  (newspaper supplement) Queen Victoria.; Illustrated London News; 07 Feb 1901; 2018.0335

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