The Gold Museum in Ballarat has a large collection of over 100,000 items that covers Ballarat’s social and cultural history from the 19th century to today. You can view a sample of our collection below or search using keywords in the search box on the left.



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Theatre Programmes: 1863 - 1883 Harry West Collection of Ballarat Theatre; 1863-1883; 05.0483
Photograph Album  -  Soltau P.O.W. Camp  -  Germany; 1917-1918; 84.0712
Pharmaceutical bottles. 141 Items; 70.5552
Box of Cooper Tools; 1850s; 2012.0028
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Stereoscope; 1870s; 78.0938
Miner's Right; 05.1202
Miner's Right; 05 Nov 1891; 05.1202
'Successful Competitors South Street 1909'; 78.0900
The book of the Pantomnie Cinderella; Syd Day Ltd; 1914-1915; 2012.0480
Photo Album; 01.0316
Photographic Montage; 690.81
 Oxford Place, Norwich; Hickling & Co.,; 2014.1168
Collection of Letters; Allans Music Australia; Jessica Simon; 13 Jul 1943; 82.0983
Narrative of the Visit of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh to the Colony of Victoria, Australia; Mason, Firth & Co; J.G. Knight; 1868; 70.5701
Blotters; Sherwin-Williams Company; Crossley Motors; 1906-1969; 82.0865
Geological papers by Thomas Belt, F.G.S.; Thomas Belt, F.G.S; E.J. Davey; Stephen Austin & Sons; T Chamberlain; A. Reid; Quarterly Journal of Science Office; Trubner & Co; Halifax N.S.; John Weale; Jan 1859; 2013.0425
Books; 1934; 96.0281
Photographs, ANZAC Memorial; 1950; 80.0514
Summer Dressing Gown; E.Lucas & Co., Pty Ltd; 08.0312
Personal Reference (two) for J.E.Lugg and Envelope.; Healing (Sales) Pty Ltd; Darling & Co.,; 17 Jun 1929; 2015.0056
Concert Parties 1922, 1932, 1934; Richards & Co.,; 1922; 05.2845
Stereocards: The American Fleet in Australia; The Rose Stereographs; 1908; 2015.0128
Lace Neck Trim; Stone's Drapery Store P/L; Circa 1960s; 82.1231
Documents Relating to Establishment of the Gold Museum; Transworld Airlines (TWA); Newsweek; Ray Jewell; Paul Simon; 1856; 82.1040
Postcard; Jack Hammon; S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ltd.; 17 Jul 1907; 2011.0429
Miner's Right; 1970; 10.0595
Ceramic plate; 1899; 10.0500
Coin Dispenser; Late 1800-20th Century; 09.1040
Leather Stamp Holder; Pre 1966; 09.1039
Glass Bottle; Hunter Products Pty Ltd; David Pratt & Son; 01.0081
Photograph; 1908; 84.2498
Photograph; 01 Jun 1908; 84.2492
Three Receipts; 1892; 79.0357
Fire Pump Wagon; 1853; 08.0771
Post Ofice Moomba Float; Postmaster General; N.L.Harvey & Sons; 1960; 02.0109
2 Door Cabinet With 3 Shelves; 1930s; 00.0250
Floral Day Dress; E.Lucas & Co., Pty Ltd; 1950s; 00.0063
The Evening Echo 1854-1904; 1904; 05.0310
Fragments of hand beading; 1940s; 2017.0587
 An Australian Homestead; Wildt and Kray; 1910; 2014.1132