Does the Gold Museum have anything relating to my research topic? How can I get a copy of items from the Gold Museum’s collection?

Researchers can search a portion of the collection online to find digital copies of material and other relevant information.

You can contact the Gold Museum directly if you are unable to find items you are looking for and/or would like a copy of collection items not yet digitised.

We receive a large number of requests each week. We aim to respond within 30 working days of receiving an enquiry.

Listed below are other resources to assist with further research:

– National Library of Australia’s Trove service allows visitors to search various historical Australian newspapers, images, documents and objects located in collections across Australia.

Ballarat & District Genealogical Society for family history research.

Ballarat Historical Society collection is held at the Gold Museum, however the society’s website does include information not included on the Gold Museum website.

Public Records Office of Victoria holds the local government records for Ballarat and many other sources that can assist with historical research relating to properties, houses and families.

–  Central Highlands Regional Library holds a collection relating to local history.

How do I access the Gold Museum’s collection in person?

The Gold Museum’s collections are stored across a number of locations and notice is required to retrieve items from the storage areas.  The collections are only accessible between 10.00am and 4.30pm on weekdays.  Access on weekends is not possible.

We encourage you to send your initial inquiries via email (goldmuseumATsovereignhill.com.au)

Please include the following information in your request:

– The object or collection you would like to access (include registration numbers, if known)

– The nature of your research and the reason for your request (i.e. research for family history, student project, publication etc.)

– Please include any additional comments that may support your request

Telephone inquiries or appointments can also be made by contacting the museum on (03) 5337 1107.

Can the Gold Museum provide a valuation of my object?

The Gold Museum does not provide valuations for objects as part of the museum’s obligations under Museum Australia’s Code of Ethics. It is recommended that you consult the Ministry of the Arts’ List of Approved Valuers to find a professional valuer.

How do I donate an object to the Gold Museum?

Email, write or call the museum first. Please provide as much information as possible about the object/s as this will allow us to assess its relevance to our existing collection.

It is also useful to supply the Gold Museum with an image of the object/s.

We accept donations based on their relevance to Ballarat’s heritage and community, ability to enhance the museum’s collection, rarity and condition.

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