Inspired By … Chinese Interpretations of Victorian Era Fashion

Chinese fashion designs on display at the Gold Museum.

Pan Lei's 'Peach Colour'

Pan Lei’s ‘Peach Colour’

The Gold Museum’s latest exhibition Inspired By… features the top ten designs from Sovereign Hill’s 2016 fashion show held in Shanghai, China.

Students from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Italy were asked to sharpen their sketching pencils and scissors, and bring on the frills and furbelows as they created their own take on Sovereign Hill’s 1850s women’s fashion.

The ten finalists were selected from more than 400 entries and were invited to produce the actual costumes from their designs.

Sovereign Hill’s costumed characters hold endless fascination for the thousands of Chinese visitors who come to Sovereign Hill every year, largely because of the gold mining history in which their ancestors have played such a big part.

In 2013 Sovereign Hill initiated the inaugural New Gold Mountain fashion competition in Shanghai to strengthen ties with Chinese communities overseas. Chinese fashion design students were invited to enter their submissions using Sovereign Hill’s 1850s costumes as inspiration.

Since then, the annual event has attracted great interest from Chinese fashion students.

Inspired By… is on at the Gold Museum until Sunday May 8, 2016.

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